Criminal Offences

Your best interests are our primary concern, whatever legal problem you are facing. Should that problem be criminal in nature, then you will require the experience and expertise of our criminal defence lawyers.

Being suspected or accused of a criminal offence is a worrying and anxious experience and you should consult a solicitor at the earliest opportunity.

Double & Megson have experience in representing defendants in all types of cases, both in Magistrates’ and Crown Courts. We will do our utmost to protect your rights and your interests in any investigation or prosecution by the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and any other agency or authority. Our advice will always be practical and realistic, specifically tailored to your situation.

Also, if you have been the victim of a crime and suffered injury you may be entitled to compensation; see the Personal Injury section of our website. Please note that we only represent clients who, for various reasons, are not eligible for public funding.

Motoring Offences

You may well be a generally law abiding individual who is just unfortunate enough to have fallen foul of the increasing number of speed traps or traffic regulations in this country or you may have misjudged the amount of alcohol in your system which often happens the morning after a night out.

We are acutely aware of the importance to motorists of retaining their driving licences. The accumulation of penalty points could lead to a period of disqualification which can seriously affect a client’s livelihood. Our firm can represent clients charged with various motoring matters, including speeding, camera offences, careless driving, drink driving, and other offences where a driving licence may be at risk.

The key to avoiding a driving ban or significant penalties is to take legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

Contact Double & Megson (Bourne office) as soon as you get a fixed penalty notice or a summons as good and timely advice can help to keep penalty points to a minimum or reduce the length of a disqualification.


For a guilty plea at court the costs would be up to £1,000 plus VAT.
For a Not guilty plea the fees would be up to £1,000 plus VAT for any hearing prior to the main trial and between £1,000 and £2,000 plus VAT for the trial itself.

To arrange a discussion with one of our solicitors call us on Bourne (01778) 423376.

You can also instruct us online. All you have to do is fill out our Contact form providing us with your name, contact information and any other details which may be useful. We will get in touch as soon as possible with an estimate of costs and details of whom to contact at Double & Megson.