Diversity & Equality Overview

Double and Megson is committed to promoting diversity in relation to all members of the firm and clients, as well as recognising the importance of equal treatment and fairness.  Our aim is to provide equality for all and to attain a workforce which is representative of the communities from which it is drawn.

We ensure that all our people are employed, trained, compensated and promoted solely on the strength of their ability, qualifications, experience and merit.  We aim to be an inclusive employer by promoting individuality, and give a friendly and supportive approach to all members of our team and our clients.  We wish to accommodate the requirements of people’s religions, cultures and responsibilities.

Our Equality and Diversity policy is monitored and reviewed regularly by the Partners.  We also monitor the diversity of our workforce through questionnaires which all members of the firm have completed.

As part of the Solicitors Regulation Authority diversity data collection, we also conduct an annual firm wide survey, which collates information from all individuals within the firm on a voluntary basis.

To view our diversity statistics please follow this link Diversity Statistics – September 2015.